London 2019

On Monday, 29 excited pupils and 6 staff set off for a visit to London. We made good progress and after depositing our stuff in the school we set off to look around the vicinity, including having a look around the outside of the new Tottenham Hotspur ground.
Day 2 saw us head off to the Imperial War Museum, where we saw a great exhibition about WW1, tanks and V2 rockets. After lunch we moved across to various museums where we saw some amazing animals, stunning jewellery and ended up in the Wonderlab at The Science Museum. Here the children enjoyed great hands on experiences.
Sadly our plan for a leisurely walk in the park wasn't quite as expected as we were hit by a torrential downpour but this did not deter us! Spurred on by the thought of our McDonalds, we went paddling and walking through some of London's finest parks, even if we had to shelter under several trees. We rounded off the day with a trip to the theatre, where we were entranced by a magical performance of The  Lion King. 
A great end to a great day.


On Wednesday, we had an early start as we had to be at the Houses of Parliament for 9.30. After a long, delayed journey on the tube and a last minute walk to avoid the crowds, we arrived slightly later than planned at the Houses of Parliament. We had a fascinating tour where we got to see the House of Lords and see where the Queen sits when she visits! We headed back to the school for a tasty lunch of pasta and then competed in a dodge-ball tournament against Risley School. Unfortunately, we didn’t win but we all had a great time!


We spent the morning on an open top bus seeing the sights of London. The highlight for some of us was seeing the London Eye and the Shard! We then went to the Tower of London and saw the crown jewels, which were very impressive! Our action packed day continued with a boat ride across the Thames, with a tour guide that made us all laugh! We then had some free time in a play park and lots of the children made some new friends. Finally, we saw Buckingham Palace, where we saw some guests arriving for a dinner party with Prince Charles!


We couldn’t believe it was our last day in London! The time had flown by! Before we left we had an assembly with the Risley children and they gave us all a mug to say thank you for looking after them in Cornwall. We then waved goodbye and boarded the coach ready for the long journey back home. To break up the journey we stopped at Windsor Castle and were lucky enough to see the Queen! Our last stop was at a Harvester restaurant, where we all enjoyed a meal together and shared our favourite memories of the week. We arrived back at the school tired but excited to share with everyone the amazing things we had done during the week.

We all had a fantastic week in London. The children were all fantastic and such a credit to the school. A number of different members of the public commented on how well behaved they were. They were mature and sensible at all times, one example of this was when there had been a falling out with a few girls. I spoke to Skye and she told me that they had talked about what had happened, written it all down, all apologised to each other and then written something nice about each other. I was blown away by such a mature approach and this really did sum up the whole week. What model Pennoweth pupils they all are!