Pennoweth Tribes

Pennoweth Tribes
What are Tribes?
We have created tribes at Pennoweth to help all children (and staff) in school become more involved in friendly competition. 
Everyone in school is part of a tribe; they allow everyone to feel part of a bigger team outside of their classroom. 
They work in a similar way to our old 'houses' but we are hoping that through Pennoweth's 'Tribal Warfare' children will be able to compete in different events each half term. 
Our new tribes are named after four famous and beautiful gardens in Cornwall:
How does 'Tribal Warfare' work?
We give children the opportunity to compete within their tribes at least twice per half term. One of these events is usually sport or fitness based and the other is focused on an academic subject, e.g. maths, geography or art. 
The children earn points for their tribe by competing together and trying to get the highest points in the class. Each tribe is then added on to the score board for the event:
1st place - 200 points
2nd place - 150 points
3rd place - 100 points
4th place - 50 points
Our scoring system for tribal warfare means that each tribe receives points as they have all competed and put the effort in. However, the winning tribe for the class gets the highest points. 
Each half term, these points are added on to our overall leadership board, which is shown above, and badges are given out to the tribe in the lead on Marvellous Me. 
At the end of the year, the winning tribe will visit their tribal garden for a fun day out where they will be able to celebrate together.