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Learning Sounds through Read Write Inc.

Children from Nursery to Year 2 learn sounds through Read Write Inc. Each child is grouped according to their reading ability and read texts they can access, allowing them to gain confidence and competence in reading. 


We assess the children regularly and make changes throughout the term, making sure the children are being challenged appropriately in their group.

Speed Sounds - Set 1
Children begin their learning of Phonics with Speed Sounds - Set 1.
See the sound mat below to learn more about these letter sounds.
Speed Sounds - Set 2 and Set 3
Children progress through Set 1 and continue with Speed Sounds - Set 2 and Set 3.
See the sound mats below to learn more about these letter sounds.
Read Write Inc - Sound Pronunciation
Click on the link below to see a demonstration which will support your child's pronunciation of each sound.
Nonsense Words (Alien Words)   

As well as learning to read and blend real words, children will have plenty of opportunities to apply their sound recognition skills on reading ‘Nonsense Words’ like those shown in the example below.

Red Words
Red words are words that cannot be sounded out as they do not follow the phonics language patterns. Their letters make uncommon sounds. The only way to learn these words is from memory. Red words are taught alongside new sounds, once some simple 3 sound words can be read e.g. c-a-t.
See below for Red Words for Set 1 and Set 2.
Useful Phonics Links
Below is a list of useful websites for helping you and your child  learn about phonics. Click the links to find out more.
Phonics Screening Check
At the end of Year 1, all children take a national Phonics Screening Check.
For more information on this check, please click the link below.