Visions and Values

In 2014, the Pennoweth Governors organised a series of working groups to review the work of the school with the sole purpose of writing a clear vision statement that captures what our school stands for, why we do what we do and makes it clear how we go about our work.
After many hours of discussion between Governors and with our parents and children, we created this statement:
Working Together to Unlock and Realise Potential...
We have listed some of our thoughts to help our community to understand what we mean by each element of this statement.
We believe that we need to prepare our children for life and their future - whatever that may be; whether it is as a parent, or partner or husband or wife, or in sport or employment, the skills that we all need are the same. For example managing your own emotions and read the emotions of others, being patient, tolerant, being understanding, being able to listen, being resilient and bounce back from disappointments.
We believe we need to encourage our children to be able to work in a team as well as independently. We believe that we need to encourage children to develop resilience and a sense of moral purpose. We believe that we need to encourage children to develop creativity in music, art, dance, drama in order to develop all aspects of their characters. We believe that we need to encourage children to cope with change because the only predictable aspect of the future is CHANGE.

Working Together:

Parents, children teaching staff & the wider community work in partnership seeking success.

We have an Open Door Policy – We always listen!

We aim to build upon relationships from Foundation Stage into KS2 and value every group  and celebrating our strengths and differences.

We have a strong pastoral team that helps to break down barriers to learning  and working closely with other agencies.

We have committed Governors and Staff.

We value good communication, we respect our children and our community  and value positive relationships.

We are a friendly and inclusive school.

We value and look to build strong teams e.g. staff, PTA Governors, School Council.



Realise Potential:

We aspire to raise self esteem and develop a ‘You CAN do it’ mentaility.

We see that getting something wrong isn’t a failure – it’s a learning opportunity.

We need to help children to understand how they learn best e.g. seeing (visual), hearing (auditory), physically (kinaesthetic).

We need to further develop skills and attitudes such as as resilience, determination, patience and emotional intelligence.

We will give children a wide range of opportunities and experiences (Music, Art, PE, Outdoor learning etc) to help them succeed.



Unlock Potential:

We want to open children’s eyes to the opportunities available in Redruth and beyond.

We believe All our children have special and unique talents and it is our role to be able to identify those talents.

We want to help children to understand how special & unique they are – believing in themselves.

We want to equip the children with the right kinds of skills and attitudes that will enable them to make the very best of what they have.

We work with parents to raise aspirations for our children.