Year 5 Isles of Scilly Camps 2022

Year 5 Isles of Scilly Camp 2022
13th-17th June 2022
Monday 13th June 
After travelling to Penzance on a coach, we boarded the Scillonian for our journey to the Isles of Scilly. 
When we arrived we walked up to our campsite and spent the afternoon settling in and playing sports.
After dinner in the campsite we were then able to explore the beach next to the campsite and Toll's Island. 
Tuesday 13th June
On Tuesday, we visited St Agnes and Gugh, one of the smaller off islands with a little island attached to it by a sandbar. We explored the island and the different coastal areas and played in the maze. We visited Troytown Farm where we were given a tour of the farm and the ice cream factory and were able to sample the ice cream that had been made there. On our way back we encountered some escaping pigs and were able to help the farmer round them up. In the evening we were visited by Robert Francis (the owner of Star Castle, chair of the council, owner of the Vineyard, lobster fisher and lifeboat launcher!!) who spoke to us about the islands and answered our questions.
Wednesday 15th June
We spent a lovely day exploring St Mary's today - including a beach morning, some ancient burial chambers, a birthday party and an runway!!! We had fish and chips by the sea and then went out on a boat to watch a gig race. We cheered for a boat called Slippen as Mrs Crewdson's friend was rowing in it. It was neck and neck but they won!!!!
Thursday 16th June
We took a boat out to explore the Northern (or Norrard) rocks this morning and go wildlife watching, we saw some amazing sites including puffins and seal sunbathing on the rocks. A special boat then came to pick us up and we transferred across in the middle of the sea!! We then went to visit another of the off islands called St Martin's where we met up with the local school, which has only 15 pupils, and spent a lovely afternoon on the beach with them. We rounded off our day in camp with some sports and a BBQ (even if it was cooked in the oven!!) and hot chocolates.
Friday 17th June
Friday was our final day and it was a busy morning of packing and sorting. We made our way down into the town and stopped off to explore the lifeboat station along the way. We then played games and had lunch on Porthcressa beach before catching the Scilloninan home.
What an amazing week; we have walked over 100,000 steps!